9 Types of Food You Definitely Don't Need

Let’s begin to build the spring black list of food and beverages. The products below are foods you probably eat very often. I agree that they are very tempting but we should not forget how bad they are for all of us.
Which foods and beverages we MUST remove from our spring diet?

* Chocolate, cookies
* Ice cream
* Chips, crackers
* Popcorn
* Shake
* Sweet carbonated drinks
* Nuts (specifically roasted nuts, soy beans, cashew, and all nuts roasted with a lot of salt)

Why is it better to go without these foods and drinks, and what are their substitutes?

* Chocolate and cookies – they contains up to 60 percent of fat including trans fats, a lot of calories, and sugar. These products cannot be adapted to any kind of diet. However, if you really cannot live without them you can treat yourself with a bit of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has antioxidants which are actually good for your body. You can also have a chocolate protein bar. The protein bar will fill you up quickly and is actually very good for your body.

* Ice cream - up to 30 percent fat, 20 and more percent of sucrose (sugars), and has high glycolic index. Many people tend to say that ice cream is not bad for you if you either eat it in small quantities, or get a plain one without any flavor nuts or chocolate. This is totally wrong. The only good thing that ice cream contains is the calcium. However, the same amount of calcium you would get from an ice cream you can get from a glass of skim milk which would definitely contain much less calories as well. If you are really dying to have an ice cream get the low carb and low calorie one.

* Chips – chips and crackers are like diesel. They contain up to 35 percent fat, up to 60 percent complex carbohydrates, trans fat, flour, sugars, and Brain Pills a minimum of 550 kcal per a small pack. If you cannot resist them and think you really need to have a pack of chips or crackers, treat yourself once every two weeks with a small low fat/calorie pack. 

* Popcorn – popcorn has almost the same ingredients as chips and crackers. It contains lots of fat, fats, calories and carbohydrates. There are no alternatives for popcorn. Try to avoid it

* Shake - up to 30% sucrose (sugars), 10% fat and high glycolic index. You can try the low carb and low calorie shakes. It is true that they do not taste the same but they are still pretty good once you get used to them.

* Sweet carbonated drinks- drink only diet carbonated drinks. The best option is to not drink soda at all. We all know how bad soda can be for our entire body. Try to drink more natural water orwater with lemon.

* Nuts – all nuts contain mostly fats and carbohydrates. Usually a portion of 100 grams of nuts does not contain less than 500 kcal. Furthermore we get very thirsty after we have a pack of nuts and always grab a can of soda which will additionally add another 100 and more kcal. If you have a big craving for nuts you can have 20-30 grams twice per week. However, make sure that the nuts you choose are not roasted and not too salty, too sweet or too spicy.

Now I suggest that you print out this article or remember all the foods I mentioned above so that next time you go to the store you remember what I talked about here and don’t grab the first chocolate and a pack of chips you see on the shelf.

Share with us some of the foods you personally thing are bad or good for your body. We all are looking forward to reading some of your ideas.