The First Rebuild My Life As A Biker

I wanted to customize my motorcycle from day one. It was a nice looking bike, but it looked like every other V-Star 1100 Custom on the road. My friend Brandon started Insane Custom Rides, but he didn’t have the manpower to do the body work I wanted at the time so I was directed to Lexington Custom Cycles. Learn more:

After meeting Billy, I felt pretty good about the work that would be done on my bike. He and I shared the same view point on Kodiak Motorcycles and after seeing some of the bikes in his shop, I felt confident in his work. I dropped my bike off around January 3, 2011 and told him to take his time with it, but I’d like to have it by March 1 so I could start my riding season early.

The first month, nothing was done to my bike. I wasn’t too worried about it because it was COLD out and I wasn’t going to do much riding with snow on the ground. At the same time, I was anxious and really was looking forward to seeing progress. I paid for all parts and materials up front and was hoping to see things rolling in soon.

Work finally began late in February and Billy told me we’d be in good shape for my April 1 deadline. Well that’s a month later than what I originally said, but honestly, how much riding would I be able to do in March? I wanted him to take his time and not feel rushed so he could really trick my bike out. The tank extension was the first thing completed and it looked GREAT! His body work was awesome. Billy phoned me one day asking if I wanted to keep my speedometer gauge on the tank and I told him I didn’t really care, so he removed it, did more body work, and all of a sudden I had an amazing fuel tank.

Lowering the bike was next. I wanted to drop my motorcycle a bit because there was a TON of room between the rear tire and the fender and I thought it would look better low. Billy asked me what I thought about doing a custom lowering suspension made out of aluminum. I told him I was fine with it as long as the ride wouldn’t be too stiff. After all, my girlfriend likes to ride and I want us to be safe and comfy.

I went to the shop to check it out and the bike was LOW! Like, pushing the limits on what is legal (yes, it’s legal by 1/4″).

Up next – exhaust. Custom “curb burners” were made and wrapped in black exhaust tape. They look mean and they are LOUD! Love them.

While all of that was going on, Billy was making my rear fender out of flat steel. I knew that was going to take some time but to get the look I was going for, you can’t just order it from a magazine. The first time I saw it, I could see the look I wanted, but it wasn’t quite there yet. I asked him about it and he said he hadn’t started rounding it off yet, so that eased my concern a bit.

The flush mount tail lights were an awesome addition. Completely built in with candy apple blue sprayed over them. If the bike wasn’t on, you didn’t know they were there. They were crooked though, definitely not symmetrical.

The paint job looked GREAT. I loved the candy apple blue, the airbrush work, it was amazing.

I asked for an ETA on delivery and he told me he needed a few more weeks. I heard that numerous times and to make a long story short, while some of the work Lexington Custom Cycles did was excellent, I was disappointed in the final product. The timeline spanned across seven months and when I finally picked up my bike, it still didn’t have a front fender. The lowering of the bike consisted of removing the shock, adding some aluminum brackets, and essentially making the bike a rigid – exactly what I didn’t want. Alecia won’t ride with me because it hurts her back too much.

Lexington Custom Cycles has a LOT of talent under their roof, but the quality assurance and timeline of projects needs some improvement. Two days after I picked up my bike, a lady backed a trailer into it, cracked the rear fender, and messed up several chrome pieces. That could have been a blessing in disguise.

Stay tuned for the rebuild. Insane Custom Rides has a body man now, so once the court settles the accident, they’re going to get the bike back in order.